If you want to get the most out of your vehicle and your tires it is very important to maintain proper tire pressure. Your tires were designed with your specific vehicle in mind to perform a specific way with a certain amount of pressure in them. Straying away from that ideal pressure, whether it be over-inflating or under-inflating will adversely affect the performance and lifespan of your tires.

Driving with over-inflated tires makes your tires hyper-sensitive to the road’s conditions. This means that every little bump, branch or pothole will be felt much more dramatically and will also hold a much greater risk to damaging your tires.

On the other hand, driving with under-inflated tires is just as bad if not worse for your tires performance. If there isn’t enough air in your tires then more tread will be forced in contact with the road than your tires were designed for. This will cause your engine to have to work harder to push your car forward, reducing your fuel efficiency, as well as speed up the rate in which your tires wear down.

Time and weather will both consistently affect your tire’s pressure so it is important to monitor your tire pressure regularly. Most air machines will have a built in pressure gauge however some may not. If you need a tire pressure gauge we have plenty in stock in our auto parts and accessories department. To determine what the proper amount of tire pressure is for your vehicle check the sticker on your driver’s side doorjamb for more information or reference your car’s owner’s manual.
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