With all of the options that come up when you are searching for new tires near Danbury, CT it may be overwhelming and confusing to figure out which is the best deal, which is why you should let our team help. Colonial Mazda can offer you tires from the most popular brands at some of the best prices. Our experts make sure to find the right size tire for your vehicle at some of the best rates. We offer many tire specials to give you yet another incentive to choose from our dealership; the current special is buying three tires and getting the fourth for only a dollar!

Protecting Your Tires

Tires can be pretty expensive – especially if you are choosing a set of winter tires to help keep you safe in the snow – which is why we include road hazard coverage for all of our eligible tires. Other shops won't include this on any of their tires, making you pay extra to protect your investment. The confidence that you will get with this plan, along with the confidence from having new tires, will mean that you will be driving happily through Connecticut.

Why to Replace Your Worn Tires

Worn tires become a safety hazard to you and other drivers; you won't be able to stop as effectively, will have reduced traction while driving, and worse performance in every condition. We want you to enjoy every minute that you are behind the wheel, and new tires will add to that experience.

Choose the Right New Tires from Colonial Mazda

We will make sure that you are getting the tires that are perfect for your vehicle, making sure it is easy to find new tires for your Mazda model. While our experts are installing your tires, we can also let you know if there is any maintenance that you will need on your vehicle, helping you schedule a service appointment to further help your vehicle perform its best!

We look forward to your visit to our Danbury, CT Mazda dealership!

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