When comparing the new Mazda3 to a competing model, like the Subaru WRX, you will find a few similarities right off the bat. Both offer intuitive all-wheel drive and powerful turbos. To help drivers from here to Brewster, NY, we wanted to look at more specific differences between these two sporty sedans.

A Difference in Transmissions

While on the topic of performance, there is one significant difference between the Mazda3 and WRX. The six-speed transmission is automatic in the Mazda and manual in the WRX. While a manual transmission benefits some drivers, an automatic provides comfortable leisure to drivers during daily commutes to Bethel and family road trips through Ridgefield.

Interior Luxury

You will find a few similar traits in the cabins of both these models. However, you will get a completely different feel while you sit in the driver's seat and cruise through New Milford. The WRX is sporty and has a loud interior design. With the Mazda3, you will get a sophisticated and luxurious interior. This elegant cabin is improved by subtle design and premium materials.

Exterior Design

The difference in the cabins is mirrored in the exterior design. The Subaru WRX has a flared hood and takes on an aggressive stance. When looking at the new Mazda3, you see an intricate design, with a sloping hood leading to a powerful front end. The headlights also seem sleeker than the Subaru competitor, leading to an overall dynamic exterior.

The Complete Package

Throughout the 2021 Mazda3, we find elevated style. This model continues the reputation Mazda has earned for impressive performance matched by timeless design. While the Subaru WRX is a great looking sedan, you just can't beat the luxury style and practical functionality of this new Mazda3.

If you think taking this Mazda3 for a test drive sounds fun, visit Colonial Mazda in Danbury, CT. Our friendly staff is happy to answer any questions you may have or show you our impressive lineup of new Mazda models.

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