Comparison of Mazda Models and Hyundai Models in Danbury

Here at our dealership, many people come in and ask us questions about whether one vehicle is better than another. After all, there are tons of vehicles out there, and a lot of them are pretty like one another. So, how can we tell them apart?

Well, when we examine vehicles, we look at several factors. Ridgefield drivers will need to take performance into account, technology, safety, design, available amenities, and a lot of other things. So today, we decided to look at a few popular Mazda vehicles and their Hyundai counterparts. To find out which vehicles are the better pick, read on!

Mazda CX-3 vs. Hyundai Kona

These two crossover vehicles have been compared with one another repeatedly. On paper, it's easy to see why. Both vehicles offer similar horsepower, engine options, safety features (although Mazda is much better here), and the list goes on. However, the differences between these vehicles start now.

While both interiors have a lot going for them, the Mazda has more ambiance, personality, and luxury. The Kona comes equipped with sturdy seats that provide a lot of back support and comfort and has a fantastic Infotainment and device compatibility (the Mazda lacks Apple CarPlay and Android Auto), but it's lacking in terms of design and luxury.

Between these two vehicles, we must give the edge to the Mazda. It matches the Kona on the superficial issues and outclasses it where it really counts. Plus, in our eyes, it looks a bit better too.

Mazda CX-5 vs. Hyundai Santa Fe

The CX-5 and Santa Fe are both crossover vehicles with a lot going for them, but one of them is better. The Mazda CX-5 has a killer 2.5-Liter engine capable of giving you 227 horsepower, a luxury interior that's decked out with tech and comfort, and a design that'll leave it in your mind's eye. We also must mention the included Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, which was left out of the CX-3.

The Santa Fe is, without a doubt, a fine vehicle. It offers more room than the CX-5 and is well-designed with good tech and fine power. However, it just can't match the performance of the CX-5, which has better acceleration, handling, and overall drivability. It's hard to say on paper why the CX-5 is so much better - you have got to get behind the wheel.


Mazda CX-9 vs. Hyundai Palisade

When Bethel car buyers take these two SUVs into account, it's hard to see why they were compared in the first place. Whereas the CX-9 feels like an upper-crust luxury SUV with style and performance points, the Palisade feels more suburban and domestic. It's hard to believe that these vehicles are in the same category, as the Palisade is so obviously outclassed, both in design and drivability.

The CX-9 carries an efficient 4-cylinder engine with high fuel efficiency and decent power output. The vehicle's six-speed transmission makes staying in control easily, and overall the driving experience of the CX-9 is second to none when it comes to SUVs. While the Palisade has a powerful V6 engine, it feels a little much for the car.

Both vehicles offer front-wheel drive, so again, on paper, it's hard to make sense of why the CX-9 handles better. However, there's no denying that when Brewster and NY drivers get behind both these vehicles, one of them just feels better. Overall, the Mazda CX-9 just feels like a more reliable vehicle with a sense of what it is. This can be seen in its design, which is as tight and defined as its turning radius.


To learn more about these comparisons, contact us at Colonial Mazda near New Milford, CT. We'll be happy to answer any of your questions, as well as help you with any other car-related needs you might have.

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